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Thai food recipes, how to make thai food. Recipes for popular thai food dishes. Food: Thai food is very popular in the U.S and many European countries. In recent years, Mideast nations have also become fond of Thai food. Visitors to Thailand are impressed with three things, natural beauty and hospitality of the local people are two of these. One thing that never ceases to impress foreigners travelling to Thailand is the exotic food dishes of this country. Many visitors go back to their country and start missing the flavor and spice of authentic Thai food dishes. Most recipes for Thai food dishes are too brief and do not provide clear and accurate information. We have put together an amazing collection of delicious Thai food dishes. This collection of Thai food recipes includes complete dishes and also desserts. You will also find a section devoted to various ingredients used in Thai food. While very few Thais are vegetarians, you can find a few delicious Thai dessert recipes that are vegetarian. Thai food has something to satisfy everyone, you will also be amazed with the variety of fruits that are available in Thailand. click for more

What is the H5N1 bird flu virus? Health: Whether it is the deadly bird flu or the dangers of stress on your health, we cover very useful articles related to health and safety. The information is not meant to replace your family doctor! It is meant to draw your attention to various issues that can affect your health and well being. A recent health article that has been highly appreciated by people across the globe has been our report on sightseeing in Thailand. There is more to health and safety besides sickness and safety, we also explore the benefits of brown rice and the benefits of eating brown rice. Electric appliances which have become household names can sometimes be dangerous, most people are not aware of these dangers. A good example is the danger of boiling water in a microwave. Few people are aware that trying to boil water in a microwave without taking the necessary safety measures, can be very dangerous and painful. The issue of children being left alone in cars has been covered in every media but, cases of injury and death due to this problem keep coming up. We cover this problem in detail and also provide suggestions that will reduce the chances of forgetting children in cars. click for more

Thailand holiday vacation, safety suggestions. Leisure and relaxing have a lot to do with good health. Another important factor that needs to be taken care of during travel and vacations is related to safety. The conditions and terrain will differ a lot from country to country, simple things like local driving habits could also affect your safety during travel overseas. Another issue that needs to be considered when travelling to foreign countries relates to the language barrier. Thailand is developing an increasingly larger base of English speaking people. If you are in a remote area of the country, finding an English speaking person might not be easy. Other advanced cities like Tokyo are no better, it might take you a few minutes to understand the English of a local Japanese in downtown Tokyo. Travelling to nature parks and waterfalls can be exciting but carelessness can lead to tragic accidents. For example, slippery and sharp rocks near waterfalls have been the cause of numerous accidents. Drunken driving kills hundreds of Thais each year during long holiday seasons. It is a good idea to be a defensive driver even, if you are sobre and not drunk. We ofcourse make some exciting suggestions for your sightseeing during long or short vacations. click for more

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